License Manager 'Error 262' on Trial Import

Hi All,

After receiving a new trial licence file via email then trying to import that into the licence manager we are seeing this error;

Can somebody advise any steps for a solution?



Hi @JoshSmith :wave:

  • Which version of :cvb: have you installed?

  • Are both, the CVB Management Service and the CodeMeter Service running? (See Magic Numbers tab of License Manager)

  • Maybe your CVB is already licensed?

You can try activate the lic file via the CodeMeter Control Center



that message is in fact coming from WIBU’s CodeMeterAct infrastructure that we are using for trial as well as node-locked licenses. The LicenseManager.exe uses a command line utility (cmu32.exe) to activate the license (contained in the *.WibuCmRaU file) on the system and catches its output and return value. If the return value indicates an error the stdout-Output of that tool is redirected to the message box you’re seeing.

Unfortunately the tool is not always as explicit as it would be desirable: Error 262 basically means that a *.WibuCmRaU file that has already been used on this system in the past is being used again. This is not possible, neither with a CodeMeterAct license that is not time-limited, nor with one of our time-limited trial licenses: Each *.WibuCmRaU file can only be used once per system.