Troubleshooting Camerasuite license issues

Hi Forum,

one question that pops up in our daily business repeatedly concerns issues with the camerasuite license of :cvb: that is shipped with most of our cameras.
I would like to guide you through some steps to fix vanishing licenses and appearing watermarks.

So, if you see a watermark on at least one of your cameraimages although your camera is licensed using a camerasuite license, please follow this steps:

  1. Go to and type in your cameras MAC adress. If your MAC adress has a license connected to it, you can copy it from the output of this form. If you have to manually type in the license (different PC for acquisition with likely no internet connection) make sure to not have any typos.
    If your MAC and license combination seems to be valid and all the following steps do not fix the issue as well, please contact our support.

  2. Check if Cvmgmtsvc.exe is running
    This service takes care of matching the registered licenses with the existing hardware. As long as a licensed camera is on the system, the watermark should not appear. This requires that the service is running and that it can communicate with the cameras.
    In any case, this .exe should be stored in the firewall as an exception rule and checked in case of an error whether the service is running.
    This can easily be checked in the :cvb: Licence Manager, where you can also enter the licenses.

  3. Codemeter service is not running.
    For the Cvmgmgsvc.exe to work properly the Codemeter service must also be running, this can also be checked in the License Manager. With a Camerasuite license Codemeter is not actively involved in the licensing but the CVB service needs the running Codemeter service.

  4. Application in Autostart
    As the interaction of the two services suggests, timing can become an issue.
    This is especially true if you have an application that uses CVB and is started automatically at bootup.
    If the application starts before the two services of CVB and Codemeter have finished, no license query is possible.

If you followed this steps and still see watermarks, please also contact our support.

I hope this 4 steps help many of you, if you have anything I did not mention or could add value to this topic, feel free to answer.