Movie Interactive 2 licensing watermark

Hi all,

I am trying to use the Movie Interactive 2 tool to capture and save raw GigE streams to disk. It works well but the CVB watermark appears as soon as I hit record, this watermark does not appear anywhere else (in my own programs that use CVB acquisition and GenieCamBrowser).
License manager says everything has a valid license as well.

I’m using CVB V13.02.004

Hi @Hende

the situation you describe would match a scenario where the license for image acquisition is present, but no license for Movie2 is available.

You said

License manager says everything has a valid license as well.

→ how did you check that? It is (unfortunately) easy to misjudge the situation because every tool appears at least once in the License Manager’s Magic Numbers page for the benefit of our trial licenses. These entries can be identified by the fact that they appear under the heading “Default Magic Numbers for Trial Licenses” and are associated with the CVB serial number 999:

In other words: If the entry on the screenshot is the only entry referring to Movie2 in your Magic Numbers list, then you do not have a license for Movie2 (and MovieInteractive2). Could you double-check this, please?

Hi @illusive,

thanks for the reply.

I use a USB Dongle for the licensing, does this not cover the Movie2 license?
I didn’t realise this!


The presence of a CameraSuite, a USB dongle from WIBU or SafeNet with CVB license or a Node-Locked CodeMeterAct license will only cover the ImageManager’s functionality (i. e. image acquisition, basic image handling, very simple processing, display).

All of the entries under “Default Magic Numbers for Trial Licenses” on the Magic Numbers page correspond to tools for which a separate license will need to be purchased for using them. Movie2 is one of them.

In your particular case, the dongle has a CameraSuite license - a combination like this has only been sold a few times in the UK at a reduced price (I do not completely recall the reasons and details here - I’d need to consult the colleagues there beofre commenting on this). As this is a CameraSuite dongle, it won’t be possible to license any of the tools on it.

How would you go about getting a license just for Movie2 ?

To get a license, please contact the STEMMER IMAGING office nearest to you (I am guessing the UK location in Farnham) and ask for a quote for the CVB Movie2 tool. For more short-term needs, there is an option to get a 30 day eval license for everything (go to the Node-Locked page in the LicenseManager and follow the instructions there).