License troubles

Hi, I’m trying to set up Common Vision Blox with a GigE vision camera on Windows 10 but I’m running into trouble with license activation. I’ve installed CVB 2019 13.02.002 and run the license manager and input the license key tied to my camera MAC as so

I’ve then run GenICamBrowser as Administrator and tried to retrieve the license key which gives me the error ''ERROR Failed to get camerasuite keys from registry (cvblic::CameraSuite::ReadCameraSuiteKeys). Key is empty. Reply: Found"

I’m probably missing something very simple but any help would be appreciated.

Hello @Dominic,

after you entered the license key in CameraSuite Licenses tab of the License Manager, you should be good to go.
I’m not quite sure why the license retrival of the GenICam Browser fails, but it shouldn’t be necessary anyways.
Try to take images from your camera and if you do not see a watermark everything is working as intended.


Hi @TStadler, I’ve tried to record streams using CVB Movie and also using the movie2 module of CVBPy but these always result in watermarked images.



Hi @Dominic,

a CameraSuite license is only a license for the “Image Manager” module – that is for basic aquisition and saving of images.
Movie2 on the other hand is a different license, which is why you see the watermarks when you use that tool.
You can request a trial license for all CVB tools in the License Manager.


Ah, that makes sense, thanks for your help!

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