How do I get rid of old Trial Licenses?

On my development machine I’ve been using a number of 30 day trial licenses over time. They have expired and don’t show any more in the LicenseManager application - but I just noticed that in the CodeMeter Control Center they are still around:
(all the ones starting with “128-” seem to be the old trial licenses)

Are those a problem and if so is there a way to get rid of them? The delete button is disabled when I select one of them…

Hi @taserface
the old licenses should not be a problem at all.
Honestly I dont know which button you are talking about with the ‘delete’ button, maybe you can add a screenshot of the state where the button you mean is disabled.

Maybe @Frank has some additions to this, until then… never change a running system :wink:

Hey @taserface,

In principle @Chris is right, the presence of old expired trial licenses should not really be an issue - they are hanging around on the system, but as they are expired they are in my opinion more of a cosmetical issue…

Nevertheless it is in fact possible to get rid of them. The delete button you mentioned is one of them (@Chris: in the screen shot the dongle was selected - if he had selected one of the trial license entries a “delete license” button would have been visible). However, this button is only enabled if you have the CodeMeter SDK from WIBU Systems installed on your machine (which requires a license and is not available as a free download). :cvb: only installs the CodeMeter Runtimes with which this button remains disabled.

You can, however, work around that as follows:

  1. Open the CodeMeter Control Center and have a look at your license list. If there have been numerous trial licenses on the system in the past the list will be somewhat long. For example on your system there obviously have been three of them: image
    What you need from this list are the serial numbers (the ones starting with 123-). Write them down or make a screenshot of your list – you will need these numbers to identify the files to be removed.
  2. Close CodeMeter Control Center.
  3. Open a command prompt with administrative privileges.
  4. Enter the command net stop cvmgmtsvc. This will stop the “CVB Management Service”. This is necessary to be able stop the CodeMeter service (next step).
  5. Enter the command net stop codemeter.exe. This will stop the CodeMeter runtime server. This is necessary because the CodeMeter runtime server will keep the files you want to delete open.
  6. Now open a Windows Explorer and navigate to C:\ProgramData\CodeMeter\CmAct. In there you will find a number of files following the naming pattern 5000098_128-xxxx where xxxx are the serial numbers as seen previously in the CodeMeter Control Center. There are usually two files for each serial number, one with the extension *.wbb and one with *.###. Delete those files that match the serial numbers of the expired licenses in CodeMeter Control Center. Windows Explorer will ask for confirmation because deleting files in this folder requires admin privileges.
  7. Go back to your command prompt with admin privileges and enter the command net start codemeter.exe. This will restart the CodeMeter runtime server.
  8. Reopen CodeMeter Control Center – it should no longer show the expired (and now removed) licenses.
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