Intermittent successful access to

Hi there,
I’m having an issue having consistant access to the file within my application since updating to 13.04.00.

I’m calling (.Net):

_image.LoadImage(@“C:\Program Files\STEMMER IMAGING\Common Vision Blox\Drivers\”);

…where _image is an instance of AxCVIMAGELib.AxCVimage.

Most of the time, this function is returning false (and the application handles the failure) but on occassion it is returning true and allowing our application to run correctly. No other applications are trying to connect to the camera (such as the CVB Managment Console).

What could be causing this inconsistancy?

Any help would be very much appreciated as we’re in a bit of a pickle…


Hi @Foster

there is unfortunately no obvious answer to this (as in “this is a known issue…”), so we’ll need some additional information.

One location to turn to is the Log (LogGUI application). It requires a bit of configuration which you can read about here. However the log is not exactly easy to interpret.

Another idea: Is it possible that you repeatedly load/unload the driver in your application? If so, then it might be necessary to wait a little bit longer before reloading it (unloading the takes a bit of time because there is a lot of cleanup code to process during unload). Load/unload of unmanaged DLLs (the in this case) becomes visible in the C# debugger if you switch on mixed mode debugging.