Problems opening driver in different user accounts


From CVB version 13.03.003 onwards we cannot open the in different windows user accounts.

You get the following message ‘Failed to load file’

You can only seem to access the driver file in the account CVB was installed. In both accounts though you can still view live camera’s through the CVB management console.

When we load the camera’s through our software we use the following function:

‘LoadImageFile’ and pass through the filepath “C:\Program Files (x86)\STEMMER IMAGING\Common Vision Blox\Drivers\”

this returns true in the one account and false in any other accounts. I have ensure all accounts have administrator rights.

Currently we are having to use version 13.03.002 (x86) as we do not have this problem.



I’ve just tested this on Win7 32 with CVB 13.03.003 and I can load the with one user account (using CVB Viewer application for testing purposes), then I close the application to free the driver, then I switch to another user account and load the again with CVB Viewer. Works just fine on my machine.

Do you have installed CVB for all users?

Do you make sure to free/unload the driver with one account when switching to another account?

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