Problem with loading driver

Hello there,
help, I have a problem with loading the driver. My code is same as the code here <Display a Stream(Windows Forms)> in the tutorial
When I load the, it appears the window telling me error loading device. But when I try to load the .avi, it goes well. I can’t figure out what’s wrong with the driver :sweat_smile:

This is the screen:

Hi @Road
do you have any other CVB application running, that might possibly block the driver?

Not really, I’ve closed all the CVB application, its still unsolved.

64bit OS, 64bit CVB and Prefer 32bit disabled in the solution preferences?

Yes, I’ve already done according to the tutorial. :thinking:

Im still a bit puzzled by the warning you get in your output window of VS. This indicates a missmatch of the architectures as well. Are you sure, that you have never had a 32bit CVB on your machine and that you are using the correct dlls?

Yes, I have never had a 32bit CVB, earlier had I an old version of CVB, but it was still 64bit CVB. I checked, the dlls are correct.
The warning is also confusing me, I am not sure if its related to the problem.

Can you load the .vin in the CVBViewer?

The warning seems not to be a problem:

I just tried, in the CVBViewer also unable to load the .vin.

When you open up the CVB ManagementConsole, do you see a configured camera there indicated by a green camera icon? If so, can you grab images from it?


Hi, when I opened, I saw a red camera icon. So I reconfigured it, then it changed into green. After that I closed the CVB ManagementConsole, and now I can open the .vin driver.
Maybe its because I usually use GenICamBrowser, even though I close this application, in the CVB ManagementConsole the camera is still red showing Device is already open in another application
Thank you so much for ur help! :wink:

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