DeviceLinkThroughputLimitMode or GevSCPD?

I’ve seen a new settings in a camera. I was used to work with Interpacket delay (GevSCPD), which is also declared in
BUT “Interpacket delay” is not writeable if “DeviceLinkThroughputLimitMode” is set to “On”.
My questoin is: what should we use, DeviceLinkThroughputLimitMode or GevSCPD ?
What is the best solution? Will GevSCPD be osbolete?
Thanks in advance,

The DeviceLinkThroughputLimit is the more convenient way of reducing the used Bandwidth of a camera. In the background, the same mechanism is used as changing the packet delay.
The good thing which DeviceLinkThroughputLimit is also that it uses Bytes as unit which is much easier to use than Packet Delay which could be different for every camera manufacturer.
So the best solution is clearly to use DeviceLinkThroughputLimit or a similar feature if it is named differently.

Thanks Sebastian for your answer.
Will evoluate to manage this setting?
There is a GUI in GenicamBrowser that shows packetsize and interpacket delay.

No, this setting need to be set via the GenICam Feature. Either over the GenAPI Grid or the GenAPI Feature access. Leave the Interpacket Delay feature of the GenICam Browser untouched so that nothing is overwritten by accident which results in unwanted behaviour.