Setting PacketSize with Device.Discover

How do I set the packet size for jumbo frames?

Already set it correctly in the CVB Management Console.
But when I connect using Device.Discover the node Std::GevSCPSPacketSize reads out 1500
deviceInfo.SetParameter(“PacketSize”, “8704”); does not work

There is more than one place to set the packet size for a give vision system. The one you’ve set via Management Console (or GenICam Browser alternatively) might be the one stored in the GenICam.ini file. This is a setting only for the CVB driver. You can check the file by browsing to %cvbdata%Drivers (on a Windows system).

In the Management Console, it is set here:

In GenICam Browser these can also be found via the settings menu at the right side of the application.

The setting you are querying via the nodemap is most likely the one of the camera itself. It can be set via the GenICam grid (either via Management Console or GenICam Browser) for instance.

Then, there might also a packet size/jumbo frames setting for the NIC and for the switch (if you are using one).

In regard to why setting the packet size to “8704” does not work, this might be because not every arbitrary value can be set here. The values usually can only be set in fixed steps. Also, the value might not be changed when the grab is active.

The value in the nodemap is forced by something. When I check it in CVBMC it is correct. When I connect the camera using Device.Discover its set to 1500 again.

The GenICam Browser values change back to -1 after program restart.

Also tried with 8192, 8704 is the next dividable by 512 number

Simply set the value via the GenApi Node before starting the stream.

Ok simple as that :stuck_out_tongue:
Was confused because the CVB Getting started noted on how many places this setting needed to be correct to work properly


That is the beauty of the new discovery API and the new :cvb: API in general :wink:.

The getting started is still aimed at the traditional pre-configuration way. Our intent for the new APIs is to make the common things simpel. So you can focus better on your actual work.

That also means we are open for feedback if something feels clumsy or is missing :+1:.

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Boy! Did I spend a stupid amount of time looking for that for BenDevos. Seems I was stuck in the old way and life is easier now :smiley:

I was looking for some driver setting or something, or a similar approach to DOParameterSetting for colorspace. The current approach is way better. It also explains why there was no mention of it in the .net getting started guide come to think of it :thinking: