Device Configurator Crash (Management Console)


We’re running the 13.03.003 32bit package and are getting a crash / exception when trying to access the device configurator side of the management console…

If ‘continued’ is selected we just end up getting an application hang. This is happening across multiple machines, so its not an isolated problem to one camera / pc combination.

For now we are downgrading to 13.03.002 as the problem doesn’t seem present in that version. However any pointers or suggestions for a fix would be great.


Hi @JoshSmith,

sorry: that has gone unnoticed. Here is the module with the right architecture: (113.6 KB)

Just copy that to your %CVB%\Applications\Module folder. It will also be fixed in :cvb: 13.03.004 and the upcoming :cvb: 13.04.000.

Hi @parsd,

Thanks for your reply. We have followed your instructions but are now getting this;

It feels like a .NET framework thing, but just wanted to see if you have a suggestion/solution?

Thanks again.

This sounds like a security issue because you downloaded it. Before unpacking the zip, open the properties on it in the Explorer. I only have a German system, but it should look similar in your Windows version:

Check the permit checkbox (Zulassen in the screen shot). and click on OK. Then you can unpack the zip and copy the file.

Let me know if that solved your problem.

Hi @parsd,

Sorry I didn’t get back Friday, but I can confirm your fix works.

Thanks again for your support.

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13.03.004 is released and also contains the fix.