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I’m new to this forum and imaging as a whole. I have a DALSA camera coupled with CVB camerasuite. . In GenICam Browser, I can see that my camera is identified and is green but when I open the camera to view live, the camera’s turn yellow and red. How can I start to view live?



Hi @nbzuk0 and welcome to the machine vision family :slightly_smiling_face:

does the camera open at all? If the camera opens, it is normal to see the camera red (it’s now in use, so it is inaccessible for others):

You should then be able to start grabbing images by clicking the play button above the display.

Please have a look at the GenICam Browser manual here:

and get some hints regarding GenICam cameras in general here:


Hello rtp_derahs.

Thank you kind welcome :slight_smile:

Yes indeed, i figured this out quite deep in the DALSA camera manual, but why is my screen black (just like yours) Isn’t it suppose to show me the live view of what the camera is viewing? Is there something i’m missing to view live scene.


My image is black, because the aperture of my lens was closed :grin:
Maybe thats also the case for your camera?

What happens when you click “play”?
Even with black image, you should see that images are being grabbed:

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Thanks for the much awaited reply.

It turns out that the lightning was too low. But i was able to solve it. I have another question, that how can i save images continuously for a test. Like 2 images every second for a test that runs for 2 minutes ie 240 images in total.


This can also be done with the GenICam Browser.
Described in the manual aswell.

See “Save Consecutive Images” :slightly_smiling_face:

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