Camera not found

Hi, using CVB 13.000.004 (64 bit win 7), I’m having a weird issue with cameras not being detected properly. They are listed in the configured devices list, and have a nice green icon in front of them. Until I try to configure them that is, and I get an error message that says:

The Device on Port: 2 is not reachable! Is the Device connected or an incompatible pixel format configured?

The odd thing is that the cameras in question do still respond to ping reguests. Rebooting the cameras resolves the issue in some cases, but certain cameras always have this issue. Being detected first time around, but after accesing their nodemap they disapear.

Hi @CvK,

Are you sure you recognized this behavior the first time with CVB 13.000.004?

This sounds like an issue related to the camera. And should be visible also with older CVB Versions.
If this is the case please contact our Technical Support with information which cameras show the issue and we try to find a solution.

You get this error message only in the Device Configurator of the CVB Management Console.
If you would use the GenICam Browser the cameras in question would be not visible from the beginning.
Which means there is a camera related issue.

Why does the status of a device change from green to red in the Device Configurator:
In the time where we developed the Device Configurator years ago we had no Discover Interface in CVB.
Instead we use the driver with its “CreateAutoINI” Parameter.

This means that if you open the Device Configurator the driver loads the first camera.
If it is successful the status is green. In this moment we do not know the status of the other cameras which are visible in the Configured Devices View. We decided to display them in green.
If you select CameraPort 2 the driver tries to change to Port2. If this is not possible because the camera is not available
the status changes from green to red and you get this error message.

Only with CVB 13.000.004
If you see this issue only with one of the newest CVB versions i am very interested in your hardware setup. Then i want to try to reproduce it.

I tried multiple cameras, different brands, different models. Hence, I don’t think its specific for just one camera. It has to be in the routing (switch or somesuch) or software. When I reboot the camera, it loads a stored userset. I haven’t changed the settings in those sets. The odd thing is that it isn’t just one camera that has this issue, although it does seem to be worse for some cameras.

Hmm, I started noticing it at this version, but something else may have changed. I’ll post any further observations I make here.

And thanks for the explination, that does make sense. The green icon did throw me off, especially in combination to the camera responding to ping requests.

Well, about that… The camera is visibile in the genicam browser;

But upon trying to start acquisition;

2017-10-20 15:17:31.166 INFO ::ID->00-0C-DF-09-14-AA:: : DeviceModel= GO-5000M-PGE , DeviceID= U500439 open (AccessMode: Exclusive)
2017-10-20 15:17:31.166 INFO ::ID->00-0C-DF-09-14-AA:: : Datastream 0 - Buffers allocated successfully: 3
2017-10-20 15:17:31.166 INFO ::ID->00-0C-DF-09-14-AA:: : GigE-Vision settings can be changed using the GenICam grid.
2017-10-20 15:17:31.166 INFO ::ID->00-0C-DF-09-14-AA:: : At performance issues, check Statistics for more information.
2017-10-20 15:17:34.881 ERROR ::ID->00-0C-DF-09-14-AA:: : No image converter available
2017-10-20 15:17:34.882 ERROR ::ID->00-0C-DF-09-14-AA:: : No color format defined
2017-10-20 15:17:34.882 INFO ::ID->00-0C-DF-09-14-AA:: : Display refresh rate = maximum frame rate. Please consider performance issues at high frame rates.

And via the management console;

Yesterday it was the nano that had this issue, and sporadically the jai go cam. Today it is the oposite.

Hi @CvK,

I think we need your exact hardware setup (how many NICs, IP addresses and subnet masks, how the PC is connected to the switch and the camera).

Also can you enable Logging in the LogGUI? Best set all to trace level (click on the disk symbol to apply it). As GEV communication uses the siGevSvc you also need to restart it to apply the log settings:

net stop siGevSvc 
net start siGevSvc 

in a administrator command line (or simply restart you PC).

Then please send this to

Hi @CvK,

maybe I oversee it, but which colorformat is set within the camera? The log output of “No image converter available” tells me, that something seems to be wrong with the colorformat or that it is a format, which is not supported.

I think that is caused by the nodemap not being loaded correctly. The camera should provide 8bit images and CVB color format is set to auto. I had the same thought as you, but changing the bit depth did not resolve the issue.

The weird thing in this is that it does seem to load the XML file (and it correctly indentifies the name of the cam and the cam responds to pings). The property list is just never populated with data for the affected camera. See below for a screenshot.

Ah, that’s why! In GenICamBrowser the camera is asked for the PixelFormat. As it returns an empty value, the application does not know, which color format to use.

Can you tell me, what the status LED of the Genie Nano shows? (blue blinking, blue continuous,…)

Thank you!

Well, sometimes its the dalsa genie nano giving the issues, but today its just the jai go (it seems to be camera independent?)

Unfortunately, no troubling blinking leds. For the faulty jai go its a solid green right led, same as for the one that does work :frowning:

It seems like something was messed up in my XML bindings. It seems stable now, I’ll post an update later today if this resolved it.

Thank you for the information!

So far, it has been stable. I strongly suspect a faulty xml link (created with the bindings editor) to be the culprit.

So, updating firmware alone should have done the trick, but so would removing the link. I did both.

I was mucking about with those links about half a year ago, and two of the three cameras had not had their firmware updated for about the same period. And this also explains why only those two cameras where affected.

Yeah, looks like all of this was caused by my own actions :sweat:

So I hope someone else can learn from my mistakes! Camera can be detected and pinged, but no settings; could very well be xml links or bindings.

Could CVB check the bindings in the background and give a hint together with this error message if someone modified the default settings. Would that be possible?

I don’t think this is something that happens a lot,right? No idea how difficult it would be to implement such a check. Most people would know if they modified the xml file (of course, I am the exception that proves the rule!)

With the Bindings Editor the user modifies the behaviour on purpose.
Normally the issue is visible with the next load of the driver.

I agree with CvK that this does not happen a lot.


The thought just struck me and it had to come out. Thanks to the forum did not think twice :wink: