Unable to uninstall/repair CVB software

I recently had to unstall CVB 13.04.00 to revert back to 13.01.00 for some testing of an older branch of software, but unfortunatly I am not able to complete uninstallation - InstallSheild Wizard stalls on ‘Removing shortcuts’ status (see stall.png image, attached).


I’ve gone through a system restart and installation ‘repair’ (via install shield) a few times but no improvement. Interestingly, when I ‘repair’ the installation, I notice that when attempting to run my software, an error message pops up and reports ‘The ordinal 308 could not be located in the dynamic link library C:\Program Files\STEMMER IMAGING\Common Vision Blox\CVCDriver.dll’ (error.png, attached)
. I’ve checked and this file exists. I assumed that it may have got corrupted, but re-installation attempts still yield the same result.

I’ve also noticed application references missing in the windows start menu - the usual (eg, CVBManagementConsole.exe, TeachBench.exe, etc, are absent even though they appear in the …\CVB\Applications folder.

Incidentally, attempting to run CVBManagementConsole.exe from that location results in the same CVCDriver.dll ordinal 308 error (see error2.png, attached).

So, in short, I have a non-working version of CVB software that I can’t seem to uninstall. Any ideas would be much appreciated…

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In a last desparate attempt to get running again, I left the InstallShield uninstaller at the ‘staled’ point of removing shortcuts. After a little over half an hour, the state changed and it completed. Not sure why it took so long, but today I learnt that perhaps I’m not as patient and I thought.

The only other point to note is that the new installation appeared to be incomplete, but going through the InstallShield ‘repair’ option sorted that out. I now have a working system again…

Hopefully the above will help anyone who experiences similar. Be patient…:wink:

Hi @Foster

thank you very much for the update. I started having a look at the exports of different versions of the CVCDriver.dll and was more than just a bit puzzled because we never actually defined the entry point 308 in C exports manually - not entirely sure what was going on here.

As for the installers: We have occasionally seen that in crossgrade situations it may stall for a while on some systems. Reason is unclear so far - the stall usually happens at the point where msiexe.exe analyzes the differences between the local system and the target MSI (which is encapsulated in :cvb:'s setup.exe) to generate a sequence of steps to migrate one to the other.

I’m glad the system seems sorted out now. If anything else comes up let us know!

Hi @illusive Thank you for starting to look into this. It is a little odd, and I did recall seeing the cross-grade stalling on another system a few months ago, but I may have left that over a lunch time and come back to it apparently being ok afterall…

I’ll let you know if I see any other oddities, especially regarding the entry point, but all is running smoothly again now :slight_smile:

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