CVBPy slow to pick up license dongle!

Hi, we are running a system on Ubuntu 22.04 and license dongles, using the Python Bindings, and when we start up our acquisition system it takes a loooooooong time before it acquires the license, is this something that is known or is there any workaround for this?

We are halting the startup of the software until the license has been acquired to avoid that our operators start acquiring images with the watermark and it can sometimes take a long time until they manage to start working because of that, We have updated the CM to the latest version from their website, the system is headless and remotely controlled.

Thanks in advance!

Hi, What CVB version are you using? In a recent CVB patch release there were also slight changes to the CVB management service. It could also be related to the start-up priority of the CM service.

Sorry for super slow reply, I’m about to test updating to a newer version, we have been using 13.00.004 and unable to update due to several reasons, can you give me any hints on the best ways to update? should i uninstall the older version or can i install a never version along side the old one and swap between ?

and is it possible to install sometype of a minimal install, i.e only using acquisition functionality via CVBPy and not needing other more advanced functionalities and deff. not using the GUI part of the SDK.

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You cannot have multiple versions of CVB installed in parallel on one machine. If you install a newer version, it will update the existing installation.

If you just install the latest version, you should be good. You don’t have to manually remove the previous version. Though, if you want to make it all super clean, you could manually uninstall CVB, reboot the machine and then install the latest version.

You could install just the CameraSuite setup containing mostly the the acquisition portion of CVB and not all the tools if you want a reduced installation. In this case I would recommend to remove the previous installation and reboot before installing the CameraSuite setup.

Thanks for a super quick reply!

Would that be:

would i not need to install the

and when in production (with CVBPy) would it be enough to install only the non -dev .deb ?

thanks for clearing things up for me!

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If you are only using CVB only for the acquisition, the CameraSuite setup should be enough, you won’t need the tools setup, correct. Yes, for the runtime, the non-dev package should be sufficient.

So the .deb’s I would install would be

for production:

for development:

and it should be OK to drop all other packages?

Yes, this seems correct. You might not even need the non-dev package of the CameraSuite setup for the development system since the dev package should contain both runtime and dev files.

Thanks for the fast reply, it seemed like the -dev package is dependent upon the non -dev package which might make sense, so that is installed as well in dev.

i’ll leave some tips here on how i did this procedure, working on an ubuntu machine

Started by uninstalling all of the cvb- packages (if you have old version of codemeter then uninstall that as well):

dpkg -l | grep cvb- | awk '{print $2}' | xargs sudo apt-get remove -y

Then fetched the new version

# Download the .zip into the /tmp directory of the system.
wget -P /tmp

# Make a directory to unzip the files to (for overview)
mkdir /tmp/cvb_installation

# Unzip the downloaded file
unzip /tmp/ -d /tmp/cvb_installation

I did not need to install codemeter since i had already updated codemeter package before (and therefore did not uninstall it either)

# Move to the directory where the unzipped files are
cd /tmp/cvb_installation

# Install CodeMeter (IF NEEDED)
sudo dpkg -i codemeter_7.21.4611.501_amd64.deb

So then i run the installs for the 2 packages on my dev environment

# Install the runtime package
sudo dpkg -i cvb-camerasuite-14.00.008-ubu2004-x86_64.deb

# Install the development package
sudo dpkg -i cvb-camerasuite-dev-14.00.008-ubu2004-x86_64.deb

So far, everything seems to work OK

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