De-installing an earlier version of the "Common Vision Blox Bindings Preview (x64)


I have an earlier version of the CVB.NET, CVB++ and CVBpy API installed on my system (version 13.00.166).
As I am want to install a later version (apparently the installer has changed from *.msi to *.exe), I am running in some trouble (and no, I do not have the original installer anymore).

Trying to de-install it, I am getting following error:

How do I safely de-install it, before I install the latest version?

Thank you for your help.

Hi @Amicelli,

For uninstalling a Microsoft Installer package the MSI database that describes the package content (files, registry entries, start menu entries etc.) is needed - a proper uninstall without that database isn’t possible. Packages (like the Bindings Preview) that have been authored with the InstallShield Utility by default store these MSI databases in sub directories of C:\ProgramData\Downloaded Installations. The subdirectories have names that correspond to the MSI file’s package code, a unique identifier that every MSI file carries.

If - for whatever reason - the MSI-File is missing the moment you want to uninstall the Bindings Preview, then the dialog you posted will pop up, prompting you to specify the location of the needed MSI file. Overeager cleanup utilities or virus scanners are among the usual suspects here, but I have also seen users deliberately freeing space on their drives by wiping the Downloaded Installations folder (and consequently my number one recommendation would be to make sure that nobody messes with that folder in the first place).

If you still have the Common Vision Blox Bindings Preview (x64).exe that you downloaded a while ago, then there’s still hope: Launch the installer (just launch, don’t do anything else) and open your %temp% folder. Look for a directory that has been created the moment you started the .exe file (the name will be a regular GUID). Inside you will - among other things - find the Common Vision Blox Bindings Preview (x64).msi file you need. Copy it to a different location, the cancel the installer you just launched (this will erase the folder you just saw). Now restart the uninstall and point the dialog that opens to the location you copied the Common Vision Blox Bindings Preview (x64).msi file and it will run through if (and only if) the MSI file is exactly the version from which you originally installed.

If the original installer is no longer available that means trouble (see here). Currently the Bindings Previews are built nightly, so we do not store copies of older builds and are therefore unable to send you whatever build you have been using. Your best chance at this point is to use

This utility can clear the registry entries associated with an installation - effectively making the operating system unaware that the program has been installed. Note, however, that this is not a clean uninstall: All files, settings, etc. applied by the original installer will persist. You should, however, be able to install a newer build afterwards.