CVBfoundation.dll not found

Coming back to a bit of code from a month back, I suddenly get the following error;
weird thing is, that I didn’t update CVB, nor change anything in the code or project. I tried running the installer of CVB again to repair any missing references, as well as removing the reference to the .dll and adding it anew, but to no avail.

I’m a bit at a loss at where to look for the solution on this? The only thing I could think of is environment variables or registry keys being wrong somehow, but the repair installer should’ve taken care of that right?

Hi @CvK

what happens if you start one of the :cvb: Foundation tutorials written in C++ (like e.g. VCColourSpaceConv)? Can you see the iCVCFoundation.dll in the C:\Windows\assembly\GAC_MSIL directory? What versions are there?

Generally speaking, registry keys are unlikely to be the culprit(s) here, environment variables only if they lead to the unmanaged DLLs of :cvb: to no longer being found. The reasons I can think of:

  • Mangled content of the Global Assembly Cache (hence my initial questions)
  • Mangled content of the %CVB% directory (should not happen, but I’ve seen over-eager virus scanners do that kind of thing…)
  • Mismatch between the version of iCVCFoundation.dll that your binary wants to load and what is available
  • Mismatch between the .Net Runtime Version in your project and the iCVCFoundation.dll (but I’d expect to see a warning during compilation)

Do you use the new wrappers from the binding preview, have you reinstalled them as well?

The VCcolourspace tutorial/example works just fine, no problem there.

The …/GAC_MSIL folder has an iCVCFoundation version in it matching the version I have a reference to (, so that seems to be fine?

the %cvb% folder also seems to be in order at first glance.

And the issue automagically resolved itself… Guess either me or my pc was having monday blues?