PTP Configuration

I have 8 genie nano cameras attached to my system via switch. I wanted to acquire syncronized images from the cameras. For that, I am trying to put my cameras into PTP configuration. But I am having trouble doing that using the CVB Management Consol. CBV software seems, not to have all the options stated in the Online User Guide (Picture is attached).

Can someone guide me through the steps to put my cameras into MASTER-SLAVE configuration, Thanks

Hi @Ammar

First of all, I would like to apologize for the delayed answer!

Now to your question:
My first guess would be, that the nodes you are looking for are not missing. they are just hidden. To fix this, make sure you have “Guru-Visibility” :nerd:

By the way: since the device configurator of the Management Console won’t be updated anymore, we recommend using the :cvb: GenICamBrowser when configurating cameras.