Sync Time Stamps Across Multiple Cameras

I am running multiple Allied Vision GigE cameras, grabbing them all at the same time.

I am successfully extracting the Time Stamps of the frames via
G2GetGrabStatus(cvbImgs[threadCam], GRAB_INFO_TIMESTAMP, timeStamp);

I need to be able to synchronise the frames ACROSS the cameras - ie know which frame on one camera relates to which frame on the next camera, as some are started out of sync.

I have brought this topic up on this forum before and was told that although the stamps are consistent PER camera they can’t be compared BETWEEN cameras.

What’s the best way to sync up these time stamps, please?

I was told previously that Precision Time Protocol could do this, but how do I go about implementing that, please?

Hi @danielquintic

As you have been already told, PTP is the best way to achieve what you expect. This is a camera feature and is not relevant to this CVB forum. For more information about this topic please find the manual of your camera and check how you can activate and set its PTP feature or send an email to and mention your camera model.

In General Allied Vision cameras’ device clocks are represented by the GevTimestampValue feature. When the PTP is activated and set, synchronization is complete on all devices when all GevTimestampValues are equal to the Master GevTimestampValue, and no device’s PtpStatus = Initializing, Listening, or Uncalibrated. PtpStatus is a read only feature.

Thanks for the reply - I will contact the support email and have a look into GevTimestampValue