CVB only detects one camera at a time


We’ve got two Genie Nano cameras connected up to an Ubuntu 18.04 system running CVB 13.02.002. I’m able to ping both cameras and get a response fine, however CVB (either via GenICam or through calling Discover() in the C++ API) only finds one of the cameras. If I bring down the network interface of that camera it’s then able to find the other camera instead, so it’s able to communicate with both of them fine, but won’t show them simultaneously.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated

Hi Mike,

to which IP addresses did you set both cameras?
And are you able to communicate with both cameras in parallel within the GenICam Browser?

Hi Moli,

Both cameras are set to auto-configure a link-local connection and negotiate their own IPs, so should always end up with IPs within GenICam’s expected subnet. Currently they’re on and

The GenICam Browser doesn’t show them in parallel, it will only show one at a time.



what you describe should indeed work.
Can you please check the MAC addresses of both cameras? Just to make sure that they are not the same…
And does it work when you use fixed IP addresses for the network ports?

However, since it doesn’t work in the GenICam Browser either, it is not a programming, but probably a configuration/camera issue which should better be discussed outside this forum. Please start a support request by mailing to Please also refer to these posts in your mail.

Thank you!