Problem connecting USB3V camera

Hi guys,

I am new to the world of CVB and image processing. My setup ist: two Allied Vision USB3 cameras & Halcon for image processing.

To get started I properly installed CVB and connected the cameras via USB. They are found, however if i click on Live I generate the error message:
ERROR Allied Vision 1800 U-508c (1AB22C0275ED) : Failed to open device due to std::exception: cvFactoryXX::Interface::OpenDevice - Unable to open Device - with error code: -1001

Sometime it works but then only a black display occurs and no image is grabbed…

I also checked the “lsual.exe” with the following result:

U3V: 0 | 1:15 1ab2:0001 (Bus: 1 / Address: 15 / Port: 2 / Chain: 1-13-1-2 / ID: 04baa0c2bbd0f6ae )
USB-xHCI-kompatibler Hostcontroller ( ID: e0866305060e4cc3 / super speed / 224mA )
Driver Type: WinUSB on composite parent (version:
Vendor: Allied Vision
Manufacturer: 0-20C-0-460841-0-0
Family: ALVIUM
Model: 1800 U-508c
Serial: 03ML6
GUID: 1AB22C02951A
Speed Support: Low (no) / Full (no) / High (yes) / Super (yes)
U3V Version: 1.1
GenCP Version: 1.3

I also can’t connect them in HALCON with the GenICam Interface/TL, however get an image using USB3Vision.

I would be very happy if anybody could help me with this issue - thanks!

Are you referring to the CVB GenICam Browser here? You access the camera via the SI U3V TL?


The lsual.exe output looks good from what I can tell, seems like there are no driver issues.

Exactly, I am referring to the GenICam Browser. I try to access the camera as shown below:

Hi @cap0,

You need to update the firmware of your camera. You can download the current firmware from the Allied Vision Website:
Firmware Downloads - Allied Vision

There is also a link to VimbaX which you need for updating the firmware.
To be able to update you need to have installed the Allied Vision USB Driver and Transport Layer.

After you made your update you can install the Stemmer Imaging USB Driver again.

Additionally you need to do one important step as the XML version of the Allied Vision USB Firmware is not changed cvb uses the already downloaded xml from the camera with the previous firmware which results in a strange behaviour of the camera.
To fix that you need to delete the CVB XML Database:
Delete this file:
and all files in:

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