USB3 IDS Camera not recognized


I’m using a USB3 IDS Camera : UI-3280CP-C-HQ Rev2
I’ve install IDS Software Suite + CVB-Driver-ids-uEye-cameras-x64
When i use lsual, i can see my camera (USB 3.0 Camera)

But when i open the Managment Console , i can’t see the camera in U3VDriver Manager or in Advanced Configuration

I try on two different computer : X32 and X64

I hope anybody can help me
Thanks in advance

Hi @Didier
For clarification the camera you have is a generic USB3 device. It is not a USB3 Vision device.
With our GenICam implementation we support USB3 Vision Devices not generic USB3 devices.

This is why you can´t see your camera in the U3VDriver Manager, Advanced Configuration or the GenIcam Browser which we would prefer.

Installing the IDS CVB Driver you mentioned was correct. But this does not bring support with our GenICam implentation. This installs a separate VIN-Driver which he need to load e.g. in the Common Vision Blox Viewer for testing.

Hi Sebastian,
thanks for your quick response.

So if i well understanding, it’s not possible to use such IDS Camera with Common Vision Blox ?

It is possible to use this camera by loading the Driver located in the %CVB%\Drivers folder which you installed with the CVB-Driver-ids-uEye-cameras-x64 driver.

Ok Sebastian, i try to do that and let you know


Hello Sebastian

i try to use with CVuEye.ini.
I can pilot snap and grap image but i can’t find any solution to modify ExposureTime in real time in my application.
I can modify all the parameter in CVuEye.ini but i have to reload CVuEye.Vin for them to be taken into account : it take 4s to reload.
Is there an other method for update camera parameters ?

Thanks in advance

Take a look into the documentation of the driver.
In “Driver details/Supported interface” the section “IDeviceControl interface - controlling hardware setting” describes how to change some camera features like the exposure time.

This is a very old style interface compared to cameras were we get a nodemap with which we can communicate with the cameras.

Here in the documentation you find the IDeviceControl functions which need to values from the IDS VIN-Driver documentation: