Pairing with a specific camera on a shared network

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We have multiple (four) G-319B POE cameras attached to our network, each being used by developers/testers. We seem to have an issue where occasionally we’d lose connection with a camera, and/or connect to one of the other cameras on the network.

What are the steps required to pair with a specific camera on a shared network without the risk of jumping to another?

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If one of your issue is that the cameras disconnect without user interaction please contact our technical support.

To understand why you reload a different camera i need to know how you access the cameras.

If the cameras are added to the GenICam VIN Driver configuration via the GenICam Browser the default setup activates a device identification with the Interface MAC and a DeviceID containing Device MAC and Device IP address.
If the camera is not available the driver should fail to load a camera except Auto Switch Enable is activated in the configuration. But this is also deactivated by default.

Thanks for the response, Sebastian.

We set up access via the CVB Management console as follows;

Device Configurator -> Advanced Config -> find the correct filter driver (based on the target camera MAC address) -> add to the ‘CVB CamPort Assignment’ section and then hit ‘Save Configuration’.

‘Auto switch enable’ setting has not been altered.

It may be a ‘red herring’, but one of the engineers has reported that he thinks the issue relates to powering the camera with a bench lab supply (24V) whilst connected through a non-POE ethernet switch. We’ve just started to connect the cameras to the main network directly (using POE only) and the issue seems to have disappeared - at least over the past couple of days.

I’m not sure that the switches were the issue since the ‘disconnected’ target camera could still be streamed from by other users on the network.

I’ll keep you posted if the issue returns…

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With this information I also assume that it was the power supply.

By default a standard CVB application does not reconnect to a camera automatically.
After the camera is back online it is available for other applications.

To implement an automatic reconnection you can follow this example of our connection monitoring:

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A bit late, but just for your information: The GenICam Browser handles reconnection of cameras, but it does not rely on the CVB driver, see also As @Sebastian said you should go for connection monitoring.

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Hi Bea - many thanks for this. I’ve been off the project for a few weeks, but am back on it again, so will investigate further based on feedback from Sebastian and yourself…
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