GenICam Browser fails to discover camera (Ubuntu 18.04)

Hello everyone,

the GenICam Browser on two separate Ubuntu 18.04 systems has recently stopped discovering any attached GEV cameras, even when ignoring the subnet. Acquisition using the Python library and previously configured .vin file also fails with the error {C-API call failed} ({LoadImageFile}). The NICs are correctly configured, I can ping the cameras, and everything continues to work fine on the same machines running Windows, with identical settings as far as I can tell.

Strangely, I am able to discover the attached cameras using “harvesters” with the Cvb GenTL GEV producer properly, but connection fails here as well.

I have attempted a fresh install of CVB to no avail. I would appreciate any hints for where I may find the problem.


Did your IP setup change? What are the IP addresses of all your NICs and cameras?

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My IP setup did not change. NIC IP is and camera IP is

Is there any other device connected to your machine, with IP ?

No, the same network setup works fine on the same machine running Windows.

Hi @PhotonL,

is the service siGevSvc running?

‘sudo service siGevSvc restart’
‘sudo service siGevSvc status’ might help here.