Connection to multiple cameras - how to ensure connection order

Hi, I have 4 PoE cameras (genie nano) and connect to them one by one:
self.camera_device = + “/drivers/”), self.index)
Unfortunately whenever I discover cameras through CVB console the indices change and its a lottery which has index 0, 1, 2 or 3. What can I do/check to ensure the valid connection ? Can I preset some property (like set a static ip) so that the software is universal despite changing the cameras ?

You should configure the GenICam.ini with all four cameras and make sure that the IP of all cameras is static. This way the order will be fix and you should be able to connect to the correct cameras.

If you are working with the GenICamBrowser you should find a button with a camera and a + sign on it. This button can be used to add a camera to the ini configuration. :slight_smile:

If you now load the cameras make sure that you switch the camera port of the first camera before loading the second as the load function will always try to load camera 0. The typicall order of loading cameras is:

  1. Cam 0 => 3
  2. Cam 0 => 2
  3. Cam 0 => 1
  4. Cam 0