Executable permission bits set on .service files

Is there any reason why the following files have their executable permission bits set?


CVB version: 13.03.003
OS: 18.04.1-Ubuntu

The systemd manager logs a line about it when system starts up… perhaps unessecary if there is no reason why those bits are set?

Best regards.

Hi @antonkristensen

Short: There is no reason in particular.
Long: We use CPack to register our services in systemd and CPack sets the x bits. It doesn’t do anything. Systemd actually ignores the bits (except for the warning). So if you want to remove them, systemd is not influenced by it.

So “chmod a-x /lib/systemd/system/xyz.service” should be fine.

Thanks for clearing that up for me, I ended up removing the permission bits for those files, 3 fewer lines in log files!