Ubuntu - Use CVB with limited rights profil


I’m using the C++ CVB API to capture video from a GigE Vision camera on linux (Ubuntu).

Until now, I use it with an unrestricted linux profile. But now, I have to use it with a restrictive profile (no admin rights). For example, user cannot read/write in /var directory. However, when CVB is installed some files/data are write into /var/opt/cvb.

Is possible ‘to customize’ CVB install to only use /opt directory ?

Hi @XaCh

to properly work with GigE Vision Cameras, :cvb: needs two services to be installed and up and running, both of which open a shared memory block for inter process communication which requires elevated rights that a standard user usually does not have. Without these services it will not be possible to use :cvb:. Therefore: No, I currently do not see a way to customize CVB to only use the /opt directory.