DALSA Xtium-CL PX4 driver

Hello, I am trying to connect a PX4 framegrabber to CVB 2017 (13.00.004 x64), but it seems the driver is intended for CVB 2016. There is a note on the download page that the driver is based on Sapera 8.00, but the version that gets installed is 7.40. The framegrabber does not appear in the management console or genicam browser after driver installation, although there is a vin file listed. The latest Sapera SDK and driver from the manufacturer site are similarly incompatible. Any suggestions?

Hi ChrisE,

unfortunately not all technologies and therefore not all vin drivers are Genicam compliant. Camera Link does not offer this possiblity yet. This is the reason why you do not see the framegrabber in the CVB management console or in the GeniCam Browser. There is a “Xtium-CL PX4 CVB User Guide” documentation installed in the Common Vision Blox/Documenation/Hardware folder. Please take a look at this document. There it is explained on how to start working with the frame grabber and CVB.

Regarding Sapera LT 8.0 vs 7.40 which has been installed. I just checked and in the latest CVB drivers setup we include Sapera LT 8.0. However during the CVB driver installation we do not remove or update an existing Sapera LT installation (nor device driver) so it could be that Sapera LT 7.4 was already installed before running the CVB Xtium drivers setup. In that case Sapera LT 7.4 will be used.

Actually because the CVB device driver does not change the Sapera LT installation, you can easily use the latest Sapera LT and Dalsas device driver version if you install it before the CVB driver. So right now you can deinstall the CVB Xtium driver, remove Sapera LT and the Dalsa Device driver. After a reboot you can install the latest Sapera LT version (i think its 8.31) and the latest device driver. If you run the CVB driver setup now the Sapera LT/Device driver software will be used by the CVB driver.
However this is not the reason you do not see anything in the Managment console or Genicam Browser.

In addition if you use a camera link camera which supports the Genicam GenCP protocol, you will be able to use the INodeMapHandle interface with CVB and have GenIcam like access to the cameras parameters. This is also explained in the CVB Framegrabbers Users Manual.

I hope that helps.


Hello Matthias,

Thanks for your help. I actually uninstalled the latest version of Sapera (indeed 8.31) when I received a compatibility warning during the CVB driver installation. The 7.4 version came from the Win 64 bit link at https://www.commonvisionblox.com/en/software/cvb-driver/dalsa-xtium-cl-px4-2/, so if that is the correct link, it might be worth double checking that the current upload is correct. Additionally, when I use CamExpert from the CVB version, it does not see the framegrabber as it does with the Dalsa installation. The documentation also seems to refer to 7.4 and differs somewhat from what I see on screen. I will try again to use the 8.31 installation and see if I can get it working.

Best regards,

Hi Chris,

you are right the driver from the link comes with 7.4. Ill check that. Anyway using 8.31 like explained should work.

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