CVB 13.03.000 x64 Unable to load driver

Hi everyone,

I updated CVB from version 13.02.004 to 13.03.000 (x64 on Windows 10). Unfortunately, when trying to load the CVXtiumCLMX4 CVB framegrabber driver, I get an error message “Unable to load driver…” (tested in my own application and the CVB Viewer).

I swear, I haven’t changend anything else :slight_smile:

Thanks & best regards,


sorry for the inconvenience! This is an unfortunate error caused by renaming two DLLs on which older VINs do depend indirectly. To fix this please download this zip archive: (1.5 MB) and unpack the two files (CVBase_v1_2.dll and CVRegistry.cvb) that match the architecture of CVB you installed (win32 or x64) into the root directory of CVB (%CVB%).

A patch release 13.03.001 will soon be available that will remove the problem (by installing the very same files itself…).