Dual Dalsa XtiumCLMX4 framegrabbers


I’m using the Teledyne Dalsa Drivers to acquire images from two XtiumCLMX framegrabbers.

To connect to the framegrabbers I use the following code (.NET):

String driverlocation = Stemmer.Cvb.Utilities.SystemInfo.InstallPath + "Drivers\\CVXtiumCLMX4.vin";

Device device = DeviceFactory.Open(driverlocation, _board, _port);

The first device is on board 0 and port 0, which connects just fine. The second device is on board 1 port 1 and is unable to connect. The exception I get is:
The Board 1 cannot currently be accessed.

I have adjusted the driver .ini file to point to the two CamExpert config files for both boards:

for Board 0 Port 0:
ConfigFile = C:\Program Files\Teledyne DALSA\Sapera\CamFiles\User\XtiumCLMX4_00.ccf

And Board 1 Port 0:
ConfigFile = C:\Program Files\Teledyne DALSA\Sapera\CamFiles\User\XtiumCLMX4_10.ccf

The two config files have following parameters for the board:

(board 1)

Server Name=Xtium-CL_MX4_1
Device Name=CameraLink Full Mono
Device Index=0


Server Name=Xtium-CL_MX4_2
Device Name=CameraLink Full Mono
Device Index=0

I’m not sure what is causing the issue. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Which CVB Version are you using? Could you test with CVB 13.02?

Also, which parameters are you using for loading the first and the second device?

I am using version 13.02.004.

For device 1 I call DeviceFactory.Open(driverlocation, 0, 0);
For device 2 DeviceFactory.Open(driverlocation, 1, 0);

You can find the .ini and .ccf files here: https://we.tl/t-pMNIGKf7Zh (I couldn’t upload files as a new user)

Hi Mathieu,

out of curiosity, what happens when you make the board 1 call first?

Hi Chris,

No change in behaviour. i get the same exception.

We already found the issue, you will get an update from one of my colleagues soon.

Hello @MathieuVDC,

thank you for your message! I think this is a bug on our side. Are you on a 64 bit system?


Yes, it is a 64 bit system.

Can you please try again with this driver? Just copy it to %CVB%Drivers.
CVXtiumCLMX4.zip (353.2 KB)


This seems to have fixed the issue. Thank you!

Glad to help. It will take some time till the change shows on our website though.