Module 'cvb' has no attribute 'foundation'?

I have written a python script which allows asynchronous image acquisition and display as well as definition of ROI by mouse movement (implemented in qml). These all work fine so far. The next step is to generate an histogram of the ROI image. The problem I encountered is that python complains about the none-existence of ‘foundation’ module when I ran:
histogram =,rect, density = 1.0).

By the way, I have used the definition of rect by cvb.Rect(cvb.Point2D(x,y),size= cvb.Size2D(w,h)) and it works without getting any complains.

If I only type cvb.f and hit tab key, it only pops up ''cvb.find_local_maxima" and “cvb.find_local_maxima_sub”. This is truly mind-boggling for me. What can have gone wrong?

To give you some more information, I have installed CVB of 13.02.000 (64 bit) windows version and when I type cvb.version() in python it also returns ‘v13.02.000’.

Thank you in advance for any help!

Hi @lxu,

did you install CameraSuite or Full :cvb:? If you go to your installation folder, do you have a CVFoundation.dll?

Yes, I can see it in the installation folder. And it has a file version number of

Hi @lxu

foundation is a submodule, so you have to explicitly import it.


After that you should be able to access it through…


Thank you very much. It solves the problem.