FBlobCreate failure

I am using the FBlob module.

On one machine, it works as should.

On another with the same application under the same conditions, FBlobCreate returns NULL.

The Foundation license is granted on both.

What can be the reason ? How can I investigate ?

Maybe I can add that the sample program CSFBlobExample works on both…

You are using the FBlob OCX, right? Is the image source and image format on both machines the same? Are both systems identical when it comes to software (CVB, operating system, etc.)?

Is your workflow the same as in the mentioned tutorial, with the binarization and so on?

No, I am using the DLL.

The application is the same, including image format, but

  • Windows 8.1 vs Windows 10
  • CVB 12.01.002 vs CVB 13.00.000.

The workflow is irrelevant, as the creation of the blob object fails.

Then the conditions are not the same, right? You are using different OS and CVB versions. Do these reflect both systems you are referring to (Win8.1 + CVB 12.01.002 and Win10 + CVB 13.00.000)? The latter is the one where the creation of the FBlob object fails? You’ve verified that the tutorial runs properly with both combinations?

Yes, I said it in my second message. I am now busy upgrading the first system to 13.00.000

@Frank informed me about your issue: Might it be that you call FBlobCreate(NULL, 0)? I looked into the source code and saw that there is a regression regarding no image being provided. This was not checked by our blob test suite. I created a ticket in our bug database and will fix the issue this week.

Can you work around this issue by providing an image upfront or do you need a replacement library? If yes I need additional information regarding whether you develop with CVB Win32 or x64.

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Yep, was that. I have passed a valid image instead of NULL and the creation succeeds ! (With no version upgrade.)


The issue has been fixed in version of the Foundation.DLL and will be in the next bug fix release :cvb: (13.00.003).

You can check for future releases here:




I am not going to try that. The installer for version 13.00.000 hangs and waits forever on my Windows 8.1 machine.

I am sorry to hear that. We invest a lot of time in giving you a good setup experience. But if you have issues with the setup, you could enable MSI logging via the Windows Registry so we can try to find the cause.

  1. Download MSILogging.zip (356 Bytes) and unzip it onto a local folder like your Desktop. When double clicking the reg-File you can add the settings to the Windows Registry.
  2. After that start the setup. The log-file will then be saved into your %temp% folder with a unique name (random letters and numbers). This is normally the newest log file then.
  3. Please send this file to our support with a short error description so we can analyze it:

More information about setup analysation can be found here:

No, I am not going to try that. I already wasted enough time on this problem and there was an easy workaround.

:cvb: 13.00.003 has been released today containing the fix.