CVB and SICK Ranger E50


I wonder is it possible to use CVB API with Ranger E50? GenICam Browser displays this status:

And I’m unable to connect to the camera with any of CVB tools.

Couldn’t find any info on web regarding using this model with CVB.

I know that this Ranger is old, but still…

Hi @kokostek,
can you please check whether your network is configured correctly? You can follow the steps in the GigE VisionNetwork Configuration guide:

Hi @kokostek

on top of @usernv 's hint: A red camera often hints at the device being used already by a different process. If you can, make sure that no background tasks (“undead” processes that only show in the task manager, convenience apps in the system tray, other CVB or Sick applications) aren’t still holding the communication channel to the device open.

Hi @usernv and @illusive

thanks for your responses!

The NIC is the same that I use with AT C5 camera, which works fine. Camera is connected directly to my PC through dedicated network adapter. But I will look into configuring it once more, thanks for the hint.

As per running processes that may block the device, the only ones that I see is siGevSvc.exe and SILogSvc.exe. But they seem to be related to CVB itself. Killing them do not change accessibility of the camera. I don’t see any other camera-related processes in task manager, nor in services.

Also, Sick’s logging system reports data corruption warning upon receiving GEV cmd from CVB software. It happens when I acquire images from camera through Sick SDK, while GenICam Browser is running in background. Message looks like this:

<MyCamera camera-err_proto> Error: 51003 : Trace: 1. GigE Vision cmd received white Measuring, data corruption may occur