Connect to cameras over other computer


can you tell me if it is possible to access the cameras over another computer?
Currently we have the following setup:

  • 2 computers, each connected to several cameras over different network adapters, cameras are working with CVB Management tool.
  • 1 server which is connected to the other two servers

We would like to have access from the server to all connected cameras so that we can configure the cameras and view the images. Do you know any possibility to get this working?

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Hi @dominik19,

as long as the computers/server/cameras are in the same (sub-)network you can see and access them. Just make sure that your subnet masks and IP addresses are set up correctly.

We recommend the GenICam Browser over the Management Console for camera discovery/setup/access, so using that, do a deep discover and assign a new static IP address to the cameras (after dee discover/subnet discover --> right click on the camera an the left in the GenICam Browser --> Assign IP --> Auto select --> Set)

Also make sure the network is set up along our guidelines:

Hi usernv,

thanks for your reply.
they do not share the same network. As an example out connection for Camera 1 looks like this:
Connection between Cam1 and Computer is over network, connection between server an computer is in network
Cameras all have static ips and can be found by the computers. So network settings for cameras is correct. But the server cannot connect to them because they are not directly connected. So we search for a possibility to establish the connection with not directly connected cameras.

Can you give me a short description how the discovery is working? Does it use limited broadcast to get all connected cams? If thats the case it seems not to be possible to route the traffic since as far as i know routing limited broadcast is not possible.

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You should be able to start a GevServer on the computer connected to the camera and stream into the network with the server connected. The server shoud then see the GevServer as device and you can open it like you would a camera.

You can find information on the GevServer here:

The discovery is done according to the GEV standard protocol.