Is there a way to stream a camera image to multiple computers?

I know that this should work with the GEVServer, I had seen this in a presentation of yours.
I am currently using GEVServer to simulate a camera and stream the image data to one computer.
However, I would like to tap this one stream from multiple computers.
Is there a sample code for this, or can someone describe to me how I can achieve this in C++?

Hi @ASchmitt ,

usually the clients have an OpenMode.
The GenApi Standard has two protocols GVCP (Control) and GVSP (Stream).
The GVSP will be sent out via multicast when there is at least one Client with control access and one client with less rights.
This means in an application where multiple clients want to have access to the image of one and the same GevServer, one of the Slaves has to fulfil the Control part whilst all the others are only allowed to have read only access.
Usually there should be a flag in the OpenMode (or similar) to achieve this.


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Okay, thanks :).
So it is possible, thanks for the information.
Then I’ll keep an eye out for the flag and see if I can get that to work in some configuration.
But if I understand this correctly, I can’t just connect it via link-local, I have to run it via a switch.
All clients must be in the same network.

You are right with the switch part, indeed.