GEV Server Multicast Setup

I am trying to get a GEVServer up and running

What I’m trying to do is:

  • Connect to a camera using Common Vision Blox (in python)
  • I want to have one ‘control’ client (control of the camera) and multiple ‘display’ clients (read only camera feed access)
  • I tried setting it up using a cvb GEVserver ( GigE Vision Server & gevserver/QmlGevServer)
    I can connect the control client to this server, but I cant figure out how to set the server to multicast the feed, and only one cvb device can connect to the GEVserver at any time.
  • I am using the example code to start the server, and the cvb/QmlStreamDisplay example as the control/ display clients (cvb/QmlStreamDisplay)

Whenever I try to connect to the GEVServer I get a “C-API call failed” error.

The GEVServer documentation suggest that this is possible but I cant figure out how to do it.
I have also tried using the GenICam browser as the control client.

How would I modify the GEVServer and Display examples to achieve multicast displays?


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Hi @njenningsQQ :slightly_smiling_face:

Please have a look at our documentation of CVB Multicast. It is also valid for the GEV Server.


My goal is to set up the GEV server multicast without the GenICam browser. I want to set it all up in Python.

Using the sample code as a starting point. How do I configure that as a multicast server and connect master / slave clients to it?