CVBPy find devices by Device Configurator config ini file

Hi, we have encountered some problems after update to 13.04.005.

Earlier we were opening cameras using

with + "/Drivers/", self.parameters.cvb_port) as device: =

but after updating to 13.04.005 it has stopped working and we started to get exception.

 {C-API call failed} ({LoadImageFileW})

Using open_port method also fails.

cvb.DeviceFactory.open_port(cvb.install_path() + "/Drivers/", self.parameters.cvb_port) as device:


with + "/Drivers/",cvb.AcquisitionStack.Vin, self.parameters.cvb_port) as device:

I receive Exception:

no IBoardSelect or IBoardSelect2

Cameras are added in GenicamBrowser on right side and config is saved.

One solution I have found is to use this method: but then we are not able to rotate and set camera order easily using configurator.

So my question would be, is there any solution, to load cameras defined in Device Configurator from CVBPy like in earlier versions.