Watermarks on all image using CVBpy

I followed the “getting started” steps of this forum and displayed images as numpy arrays, streamed from a dalsa genie nano XL. They all have watermarks.
There are no watermarks on images displayed in GenIcamBrowser, and the “retrieve license key” option tells me the camerasuite license key is activated.
The issue looks the same as Watermark on image outside of GenICamBrowser , but it seemed it was a specific ubuntu version related bug, and I’m on windows 10.

I installed version 13.02.002 of CVBCameraSuite, but I’m running python 3.7.5, maybe downgrading to python 3.5 would solve the problem?

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Hi @vivien :slight_smile:

could you please configure the vin driver via the GenICam Browser as described in this post?
Then load the driver in the CVB Viewer and check if the watermarks are still present there.


I didn’t see any difference in GenICam Browser between my setup and your link’s one.
Watermarks also appear in the CVB viewer.
Here’s a screenshot. The camera icon is only red because it’s opened in the viewer, it’s otherwise green.

I deleted the camera from the configured devices and readded it with default configuration, in case I did something wrong the first time, but there was no behaviour change.

Please check the CVB License Manager if everything is fine.
In the CameraSuite tab, the MAC address should appear “checked”:

And in the Serial Numbers tab you can see if CVB Management Service and CodeMeter Service are running.

Oh, then it seems the CVB management service seems to be the problem (the camera’s license is checked) :

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I had to use admin privileges to start CVMgmtSvc.exe as a service in the task manager. It’s been running ever since, even after reboots on non-admin sessions.

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