Watermark in saved images

We are using Python 3.6 for image acquisation with a jai camera.
Now we get some semi-transparent watermarks in our saved images.
We got a Camera Suite Licence delivered with our camera and all services seem to run properly.
We use the comand cvb.WaitStatus.ok
Is it possible that this command is not included in our licence?

Thank you

Hi @stmoe,

do you see the watermark only in your saved images or also in the ManagementConsole or GenICam Broswer?

Hello @Chris
The watermark only appears in some saved images. In about 2 consecutive images every 60 images. In the GenICam Browser stream there is no such watermark.

Could you try and check if the watermark also appears if you use the “save consecutive images” feature in the CVBViewer?

How to SaveConsecutive with CVBViewer