Watermark on image outside of GenICamBrowser

We are running CVB on an Ubuntu 14.04 machine to interface with a TELEDYNE DALSA C1920. The licence is added successfully in the cvblicensingconsole, the device is successfully discovered in GenICamBrowser and the acquired images look fine, see the screencaps below.


However, when we try to acquire from outside GenICamBrowser, there is an overlay or watermark superimposed on the images, as shown in the screencap below. This looks like a licensing issue, but the driver is loading without problems and the licenses were added without problems…

Thanks for your help

Mattias van Dael

Hi @mvandael

You are right, watermarks like the one in your image are typically an indication of a licensing-related issue.

The CameraSuite key you entered is correct - I have double checked it in our database. However, there seems to be a problem in the Linux builds of the cvblicensingconsole program in :cvb: 13.00.xxx: When writing the CameraSuite key to the file /opt/cvb/camerasuite.lic it omits the hyphenation (also visible in your screenshot), which leads to the keys being rejected by the software.

I assume that you are using one of the 13.00.xxx builds of :cvb: - if you tell me which one exactly (Ubuntu 12.04 or 16.04? i686 or x86_64?) I can send you an updated cvblicensingconsole program. In the meantime you may alternatively edit /opt/cvb/camerasuite.lic and insert the missing hyphens (HMK4-SCDF-6DF8-MI8W-NM9D-7JAD-MSDU) to get it up and running.

Hi @illusive

Thanks for your swift reply. When i reopen the cvblicensingconsole the hyphens are there as they are supposed to be, as are they in the /opt/cvb/camerasuite.lic file. The problem persists however…


We’ll need to look into this. Can you please give me the details of the :cvb: version you are currently using under Ubuntu 14.04?

Good Morning @mvandael,

Ubuntu 14.04 is not “officially” supported (the Ubuntu 12.04 Installer works, but is untested). Any chances you could try the Ubuntu 16.04 package on 16.04.

What is your CVB Version (ls /opt/ is fine)?

We are using the 12.04 version, but had to manually install the libicu48 package to meet dependencies. However, we used the same approach on another 14.04 machine with an identical camera and there everything is working fine …

Hi @mvandael,

I can confirm there is currently an issue with the version CVB 13.00.005 for Ubuntu 12.04 (or Ubuntu 14.04).
The problem is exactly like you describe.

Could you tell me which CVB Version you are using? (“ls /opt/” is sufficient).

Hi @c.hartmann

We resolved the issue by migrating towards Ubuntu 16.04 - we were under time pressure.
Everything is working as expected now.

Thank you for your help!

Mattias van Dael

Hi @mvandael ,

i didn’t really do much. Except / Confirm reproduce your error.