Watermark when playing AVI files


some days ago I managed to load *avi files and grab frames from it. Unfortunately there is the watermark on the images, is this because I dont have a license for the suite?


Hi @johmarjac

when using :cvb: without a valid license two things will happen:

  • Components that generate, acquire or save images will add watermarks to the image data (always some variation of the :cvb: logo somewhere in the image)
  • Other components will show a message box and possibly interfere with the processing results (if the latter is the case then the message box content will point that out)

These things will go away once a license is available for the parts of :cvb: that you are using (if they don’t, please contact support). If you want to try out :cvb: without being pestered by those license restrictions then please submit a request for a trial license (open the Management Console, go to the License section, select “Node Locked” and click the button “Get Free Trial License”; fill in the form that opens and send the file that’ll be generated to cvblicense@stemmer-imaging.de). Note that trial licenses won’t work on virtual machines.

Thats sad, since I am using CVB on a virtual machine because my main pc needs to have x86 installed. x64 I need for the new software since its going to be x64 and since you cant run both architectures on same machine I used a virtual machine for that… Mhh, is there no work around for that?

Anyways, I think without a license is fine for now.

I am sorry, there is really no way around that particular limitation. We are aware that forcing a user to choose between either Win32 or x64 installation is an annoying limitation and we have ideas how to change this in a major release in the future (this will require breaking changes in the API of the ActiveX controls so this is not going to happen before 14.0).


Hi @illusive

great to hear that there might be worked in future. For now I am pretty sure I dont need a license. As the software is really only for acquiring images, and then saving them to hard disk. If I would require to do image processing on the image then thats of course looking quite different.

Thanks :slight_smile: