.VIN driver for silicon software

Using a linescan camera via a silicon software grabber, and the .vin CVB driver for the SiSo framegrabber, I’d like to somehow access the callback/event of the frametrigger. It would seem that this is possible directly with the silicon software SDK, but I’m not sure how to approach this using the CVB driver.

The siso SDK makes a reference to using a master slave kind of set up;

Is it a reasonable approach to use the silicon software SDK in paralel to cvb to get to these callbacks, or is there a more direct method of achieving the desired output. Preferably with CVB of course :slight_smile:

Hi @CvK

currently this is not implemented in the CVSiSoMe.vin driver.
Depending on your use case it might be feasible to discuss this as as feature request.
Feel free to contact me directly for details.