Unable to open line scanner from configured devices in GeniCam Browser

Hello CVB Team,

I have two GigE cameras. One is an area scanner (SP-5000C) and the other is a line scanner (SW-4000Q). So, I first configured the init file for the area scanner and saved it to configured devices. Then, I disconnected the area scanner and connected the line scanner. I did the same and saved the line scanner configuration to configured devices.

Now, the issue is I am not able to open the line scanner from the configured devices. I can see the line scanner in the available devices and I am able to open it, but I can’t open the camera from the configured devices option. The little icon of the camera next to the line scanner is greyed out but it is green in available devices. It throws me a error saying that “Error finding a interface for the device”. You can see that from the below image.

I am guessing the interface the camera is looking for is .cti file that interacts with the transport layer ? Correct me if i am wrong. I also saw the genicam.ini file, and I can see that the line scanner (shown in channel 1) has the same cti file that as the area scanner (shown in channel 0). Please find the .ini file below

If I try to open the line scanner using CvbPy, then it fails again. I am assuming it is because of the same reason as above.

How do I open and work with both the cameras now ?
Also, I would like to know how to acesss both the cameras using CvbPy.
Thanks in advance

Hi @keerthitheja ,

to discover your cameras please have a look at this example:

Also here is some more information:

Basically, you want to move all devices you want to work with to the configured devices tab and then save the configuration (Both cameras green on the right side).
This however means you have to open the GenICam Browser and configure your camera everytime you change on of them.

The way with using the discover interface that is mentioend in the linked posts also allows you to simply change the cameras in your system without the need of much configuration.


Edit: You should also have all applications closed that work with the cameras otherwise they will appear red as well.

I assume you are on linux as you dont have a filter driver, make sure to remove any “IgnoreGevSD” tags when discovering. On windows we want to work on the filterdriver, this however does not apply for linux systems of course.

Hello @Chris,
Thank you for the reply. To add to the post above, I do not have a issue with discovering the cameras. I have issue accessing the cameras from the configured devices. I am facing this issue only in Ubuntu 20.04. But, I don’t see the issue with Windows. You can see the below image of the GeniCam browser for Windows.

So, basically when I disconnect the area scan camera and connect the line scan camera, I would expect the camera icons of the area scan in configured devices tab to be in gray color and only the line scan camera to be green. This behaviour is correct when using Windows.

But this is not the case in Ubuntu.

If you see in the above image, the area scanner was turned off and the line scanner was connected. In the confugured devices tab, the icon next to area scanner(port 0) is RED and the icon next to line scanner (port 1) is gray. But in the available devices tab, the icon next to line scanner is green.

I am not sure how geniCam browser is interacting with the camera in linux. I am thinking it is still looking for area scanner when the line scanner is connected.

Using CvbPy I am trying to load the camera using the GeniCam.vin driver. So, I think the GeniCam.vin driver is still trying to load the area scan configuration when line scanner is connected.

I have two questions here,

  1. How can the issue with GeniCam browser be resolved in linux ?
  2. How does the GeniCam.vin driver open the cameras ? In my case if I use the same vin driver, how the area scanner and line scanner is distinguished

Thanks in advance for your help


Hello @keerthitheja,

GenICamBrowser is a tool for configuring the driver (vin) and it generates an ini file, when you store the configuration. This INI file is located in %CVBDATA% → Drivers → GenICam.ini. You can check the file configuration in an editor. This INI file is used when loading the .vin driver.
But it is not used when you open the device in GenICamBrowser as the GenICamBrowser does not use the vin driver. When the device does not show up in available devices (which your screenshot shows), then you cannot open it in configured devices, as it is actually the same process/device.

If the INI file is configured correctly, then the vin driver should load the camera. Please check out the network configuration on Linux, which is described here: https://help.commonvisionblox.com/GenICam-User-Guide/html_english_nac_configuration_english.htm

To learn more about Common Vision Blox have a look at https://help.commonvisionblox.com/GenICam-User-Guide/


Which CVB Version are you running on Windows and on Linux?


Hello @Chris,

Currently I am using 13.04.004 version on both Windows and Linux

Hi @Andreas

do you have an idea what could cause this behaviour?
Especially the fact, that one and the same version behaves different on Windows and Linux is odd.


alternatively you can skip the creation of the ini file via the discovery functions.


I.e. the INI will not be created or used in that case.

/opt/cvb/tutorial/ImageManager/CvbPy/DiscoverDevices holds 2 examples on how to do this.

(If you want to change settings like with the .ini file: See cvb.DiscoveryInformation.set_parameter(…)

Hope this helps.

hi @c.hartmann
It is strange that, even genicam browser behaves weirdly on Ubuntu when 2 cameras are connected. When I try to open area scanner, the area scan camera is opened but when I open the line scan camera, the browser open the area scan camera again. I am not sure if the ini file is loading correctly on ubuntu. I am not facing this issue in Windows though, so I have switched to windows now.

Hi @keerthitheja

the Genicambrowser does not use the .ini to open the camera (it just uses the bufferSize, packetSize and some other values from it).

If the Genicambrowser open the wrong camera, then there is a weird network mixup. Was this with LAG?

Hi @c.hartmann,
No, the area scanner was not connected in LAG. The area scanner is 1 GigE and the line scanner is 10 GigE. So, they were connected to different ports.

In that case, once you are ready to move to Linux again, directly contact our support.
This is a little more complicated.

Hi @c.hartmann
Actually we were facing issues in getting our area scanner work with LAG on Ubuntu. We contacted Stemmer support for the same and they suggested us to try it out on windows. So, we are currently working with widows

May be later this year or beginning next year, we might move to Linux again. I will let you know then

Ok, that is interesting. I would have expected that they (support) contact me xD.

Anyway the setup of a working bond is a bit tricky on ubuntu, because with CVB we make the assumption that IPs and MACs are unique. But a bond (linuxish for LAG), does not do this by default.

So a bond might create scenarios, where …

  • bond0 “contains” eth0 and eth1
  • and bond0 and eth0 shared an IP

… just as an example. And this confuses CVB.

But in general you just have to be careful and the scenario is not that common.