How to set CVB settings


I am trying to connect to many cameras by using:

        interface_flags = cvb.DiscoverFlags.UpToLevelInterface | cvb.DiscoverFlags.IgnoreGevFD
        all_interfaces = cvb.DeviceFactory.discover_from_root(interface_flags)
        broadcast_flags = cvb.DiscoverFlags.IgnoreVins | cvb.DiscoverFlags.IncludeInaccessible | cvb.DiscoverFlags.IgnoreGevFD

        all_devices = []

        for interface in all_interfaces:
            cvb.DiscoveryInformation.set_genapi_feature(interface, "TLInterface", "DisableSubnetMatch", "1")
            cvb.DiscoveryInformation.set_genapi_feature(interface, "TLInterface", "AllowBroadcastDiscoveryResponse", "1")

            found_devices = cvb.DeviceFactory.discover_from_level(interface.access_token, broadcast_flags)

            for dev in found_devices:

        ids = cvb.DeviceFactory.discover_from_root(cvb.DiscoverFlags.IgnoreVins)

How can I set Number of buffers and CVB color format in this case? (did not find them in node_maps)

I am using these cameras:
2022-08-25 08_25_56-IVISYS Support - TeamViewer

Hi @Fatemeh

Sorry for the late response due to the vacation season.
You can set he number of buffers and CVB colorformat with the member function set_parameter() of the class DiscoveryInformation. In your case:

cvb.DiscoveryInformation.set_parameter(interface, "NumBuffer", "20")
cvb.DiscoveryInformation.set_parameter(interface, "PixelFormat", "5")
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