Serial number "DEADBEEF"

After a power failure a camera now shows the wrong Vendor, Model and Serialnumber.

Is this an issue with Common Vision Blox or the camera?

The camera seems to work as before but the license does not work so images are watermarked.

Hi Eric,

this is indeed very strange, and not something we have previously seen.
At first glance, this looks like a camera issue, but please answer a few questions for me so that we can be more certain:

  • Is the camera from TIS?
    (the MAC hints at TIC because they use 00-07-48-… - but we have not had a camera with 00-00-07 in the lower bytes)

  • Can you give me the CameraSuite key that came with the device?
    (only the MAC address is relevant for the CVB license; the fact that you get watermarks now makes me guess that the MAC address might have been lost in whatever happened, but from the CameraSuite key we could deduce the original MAC address of the device)

Yes the camera is a TIS DMK 33GX183.

I did not realize that the MAC-address also changed. We have the original MAC on a sticker on the camera.

TIS support got back to me and they suspect that the EEPROM was deleted but no answer why this would happen.

I have contacted Stemmer support so they can send the camera to TIS for reprogramming the EEPROM.

Since we have multiple cameras of the same model it would be great to understand why this would happen and how we can avoid it. I will try to get an answer from TIS.