Realsense GenTL Producer FAQ / Installation / License

1. Installation Manual:
1.1 Download and install Common Vision Blox from
1.2 Download and install the Realsense GenTL Producer * **
* A Windows is available in the section, a Linux (.deb) Installer is available via request.
** The Terms of Service of Common Vision Blox apply.

2. License

2.1 Transportlayer
The Transportlayer requires a license. See How to get CVB licensing. All Types of Licenses in the document are viable. If the license is missing, a Watermark (shape of CVB logo) will appear in the Image.

2.2 License of dependent software
The licenses of dependent software can be found in %CVB%/Doc/Hardware/…/OpenSource.chm

3. Usage

3.1. Common Vision Blox
After installation the Transportlayer is fully functional. And Realsense Cameras is available/configureable like any other GenICam camera type. Please follow for configuration.

3.2. Other GenTL Consumers
A path GENICAM_GENTL64_PATH or GENICAM_GENTL32_PATH will be created/or extended. The Transportlayer can be found there. Most GenTL Consumers such as Common Vision Blox will use this path to load Transportlayers, hence the Transportlayer should be available automatically. Otherwise open/load the Transportlayer from this path.

3.3 Halcon
3.3.1. Installation
Just install Halcon, Common Vision Blox and the Transportlayer.

3.3.2 Usage
Open an image acquisition. The UCV / Realsense camera should be available through the “GenICamTL” Category.

In case of a Realsense, up to 2 camera should appear.

4. FAQ

4.1. The Depth module provide data (by default) as a 16 bit Image.
0 == No Available
1 to 65535 is depth data (calibrated, value depending on “depth unit” parameter of the device)

4.2. The Transportlayer or no device appears
Avast and Kaspersky might block the Transportlayer. An exception for the calling software might be needed.


The FAQ is outdated, please refer to Basic usage of Intel RealSense cameras with CVB for an updated version