Raw color format in device discovery


When using .vin files, we can specify that we want to access a camera’s images in its native Raw color format (through the Management Console).
How can we achieve the same thing when connecting to a camera through device discovery?

Currently, when I connect through device discovery, I always get images that are converted to 8-bit, even when I explicitly set the PixelFormat to Mono10.
I am accessing the pixel data using GetLinearAccess.

I am using :cvb: 13.00.004.



you need to set a parameter on the AccessToken. So after you did your discovery befor you extract the access token you want to call something like

  DOSetParameter(discoverList, 0, "PixelFormat", "0");

assuming you want to set the PixelFormat for the first device in your list. After that you need to retrieve the AccessToken as before and the JSON contains the parameter.

Hi @dusalf,

Thanks, I wasn’t aware that DOSetParameter could be used to do this kind of configuration.

However, after trying your suggestion I stil get only 8-bit data from the camera.
Are you sure the parameter you suggested is correct?

Also, is there a list available of the parameters that can be set in this way?


there is currently no list of such parameters because in v13.0 “PixelFormat” is realy the only one. The possible values are the same as in the known GenICam.ini. There will be more in future.
Looking into your feedback I found two problems:
a.) there was a typo in my original post. The “PixelFormat” needs to be with a capital “F” since the internal comparison is case sensitive. but b.) is more problematic since the format is internally overwritten. That is a bug which we will fix in 13.1. So the bad news is that in 13.04 you can NOT get the raw image when the driver is loaded through an AccessToken. Sorry for that.
If it is urgent I could send you a fix based on the official v13 but that would not be part of an official version.


Thanks for the info!

I already figured it might have to be a capital “F”, so I tried with that to no avail.

It is not so urgent, since I believe we can use a .vin file as a workaround, but it is nice to know that it will be available in the next release.


I’ve the same problem, have you now a solution for us to get the raw data from camera ?