GenICam Browser Default Pixel Format

How can I change the default pixel format for the GenICam Browser generated GenICam.ini file.
E.g. when I always want to use the RAW format as default value.

In the GenICamBrowser.xml file (%cvbdata%Applications) you can find this section:

        <GUIName>CVB Color Format</GUIName>
        <GUIDescription>Pixel format of the CVB Image.</GUIDescription>
        <INIDescription>0 = Raw image whatever the device delivers; 1 = Mono 8Bit; 2 = RGB 8Bit; 3 = Mono 16Bit; 4 = RGB 16Bit; 5 = Auto Detect (default)</INIDescription>
        <EnumValues>Raw,Mono 8Bit,RGB 8Bit,Mono 16Bit,RGB 16Bit,Auto Detect</EnumValues>

Change the DefaultValue to 0.

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