Pop up error "mvcntp device driver DLL"

What causes the error “mvcntp device driver DLL” ?
“Registry Damaged (was the default subkeys deleted)”

Hi and welcome @sando63!

What exactly are you trying to get to work? About 20 years ago there used to be a number of frame grabbers (ICP, IC-Async, PCVision) from a company called “Imaging Technology Inc.” (ITI - later bought by Coreco Imaging which was then taken over by Dalsa today Teledyne Dalsa…) that were served by ITI’s “ITEX” library. Part of this library was a system level driver called “mvcntp.sys” - so to me this message looks like you are trying to get one of these old grabbers up and running.

If that is the case, what operating system are you using? To my knowledge, the ITEX was not officially supported for anything newer than Windows XP. I think there might have been ways of getting it to work with Vista and 7 - but strictly on the 32 bit builds of these operating systems only…

The PCI Board FRAME GRABBERS, which was used with the previous Vytran-FFS-2000 fiber-optic welder, also uses this ITEX driver and I have been using it.