Number of valid lines

I am using the FrameBurstStart mode to get frames from a linear scan camera (GenICam). The frames are indeed acquired based on the frame trigger signal and the last buffer is incomplete, as should. How do I know how many lines are valid in this buffer ?

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Hi @YvesDaoust,

this is a common challenge with gate triggered image acquisition. The solution is part of GenICam as this information is inserted in the “Trailer” of the image itself. To access this information with :cvb: you want to have a look into the IDeviceControl Interface here:

SDK >> Supported Interfaces >> IDeviceControl Interface

The definition of the specific parameter can be found here:


and the correct parameter for the variable image height is DC_BUFFER_INFO_DELIVERED_TRAILER_HEIGHT.


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Despite the terseness of the available information, I made it work.

I found no place with a description of the parameter(s) for this command. Always a guesswork :frowning:

Thks anyway

Good morning,

thanks for your response. It will help us to improve our documentation for future releases.

Good to hear that your application is working now.